A Design Lab where creativity and knowledge interact with technological singularity to disrupt the future of food and face the most pressing challenges that we have as humanity.

Our work as an observatory of futures allows us to keep track of society’s changes, scientific advances and new trends.

With all this knowledge we develop studies and research papers that serve as foundations or guides for innovation, product development, ecological transitions that we work hard to transform in newcos and future startups.

We work with multidisciplinary professionals and specialize in emerging disciplines of food, such as: food design, food tech, social food, sustainability and circularity.



Our headquarters.

A mixed media and multi functional space within nature, intended for researching and designing solutions that promote food and energy sovereignty. We offer the tech, tools and materials required to experiment, prototype and develop different kinds of projects with a specific focus on Sustainability, Health, Food Design and Food Tech.

It is the perfect environment for our learning and augmented gastronomy experiences.


Welcome to our Precious Plastic Sanctuary, where innovation meets environmental stewardship in a harmonious dance to transform waste into valuable resources.

Nestled within these walls are the gears of change, the machinery that breathes new life into discarded materials and reshapes the destiny of our planet.

In this dedicated space, we have meticulously curated a collection of cutting-edge tools and equipment, each designed with a singular purpose – the treatment of waste.

Our arsenal includes shredders that devour plastic remnants, extruders amd injectors that sculpt new forms from old, and molders that bring forth a second chance for materials once deemed useless.

Together, let's sculpt a world where every piece of plastic is precious and every action, no matter how small, contributes to the transformation of natural residues into a brighter, cleaner future. Welcome to our Precious Plastic WorkSpace – where waste meets its match, and a sustainable tomorrow takes shape.



Carolina Angeli
Founder · Direction & Management

Ignacio de Juan-Creix
Founder · Innovation & Creativity

Daniel Santamaría
Corporate Strategy

Aleksandra Janiec
Trend Research & Data Analysis

Mario Manrique
Business Accounting

Daniel Cohen
Food & Product Design

Miquel M. Jordà
Materials Research

Lucio Perazzolo
Industrial Design

Daniel Villegas
Audiovisual Design

Raul Maldonado
Graphic Design



Barcelona Centre de Disseny
Celler de Can Roca
Elsa Yranzo Studio
Ferrán Collado
Gastrocultura Meditarránea
Hidden Factory Barcelona
Iván Merino
Krill Design
Lo Siento Studio
Nicole Vindel
NUNCA Estudio
Paco Roncero

AUD American University in Dubai
Basque Culinary Center
BAU College of Arts & Design Barcelona
Berkeley University of California
Complot Escuela de Creatividad Barcelona
écal The École cantonale d'art de Lausanne
ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering
ESDI Higher School of Design
Fab Lab Barcelona
IAAC Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
IED Istituto Europeo di Design
IED Kunsthal Bilbao
Imagineering Institute of Malaysia


Jordi Roca Fontane
Head of Pastry at Celler de Can Roca

2014 "World's Best Pastry Chef" 

Antonis Mavropoulos
Waste Managment Expert and Material Flow Designer
Ex-President of International Solid Waste Association (ISWA)

Josep Maria Tost i Borràs
Circular Initiatives Strategist
Ex-Director of l’Agència de Residus de Catalunya


Fundació Joia